Team Approach

We believe in a team approach. By assigning a selected group of production staff and managers to each account, we are able to build familiarity with each customer, resulting in highly accurate prepped cases. A highly trained QA specialist proofreads every case prior to releasing to our customers.

At Oristech, all our teams are integrated. We work together, brainstorm together, problem solve together, reach goals together.

Each team member attends regularly scheduled internal meetings for each customer, where they are updated by supervisors on any new processes, comments, etc., to ensure continued excellence in our product and service to our customers.

Our Staff

Our experienced medical record preparation staff go through extensive and on-going training for each customer's account they help process. Our medical records preparation staff are familiar with all types of medical records, documents and cases, and have a thorough understanding of what our customers need and how they will use the medical records we prepare.

Our medical transcriptionists are highly qualified, trained and have a minimum experience of three years in transcription work. Our transcriptionists participate in an intensive six-month training program with more than 1,000 hours of academic hands-on study. All employees have gone through the AHDI guidelines CMT courses.

All of Oristech's staff have training and a solid understanding of the technology used to prepare medical records and transcribe dictations and continuously help us improve our technology to offer a superior product with the fastest turnaround time possible.

​Our Customer Service

We understand the importance of real-time customer service and communication with customers. To that point, our most common positive feedback pertains to our responsiveness and attentiveness to our customers’ questions and needs.

We have dedicated staff who continuously monitor communications from our customers. As soon as an instruction or a question is received, our Customer Service Liaison team responds with a reply within minutes.

Our experienced team also reaches out to customers, in real-time, when we encounter issues with a referral, or find something wrong with a case (incorrect records, conflicting demographics, etc.) that needs to be brought to our customers' attention. This helps prevent delays and errors for our customers.