Medical Transcription & Voice Recognition Editing

Our Transcription & Editing Services Assist Clients By:

  1. Increasing physician productivity
  2. Improving the quality of patient care
  3. Shortening revenue cycles
  4. Lowering medical transcription/editing costs

For Traditional Transcription Services:

Our proprietary technology “Oriscribe®” incorporates document management and distribution capabilities, on-line editing, keyword search, electronic signature, secure email, auto-faxing and long-term document storage.

Oristech does not require any capital investment. We provide digital voice recorders for each healthcare professional that utilizes our service.

Oristech transcription services are worldwide, offering the best pricing and turnaround for medical, legal and any form of transcription.

For Voice Recognition Editing Services:

For our clients using voice recognition software, Oristech offers editing services to ensure each and every report is completely accurate while retaining the fast turnaround time physicians want and need.

As advanced as voice recognition software has become, it is imperative that every report still be edited and double checked against the physician's words to protect the safety of the patient and the reputation of the physician.

Partial Transcription for your EHR System:

No EHR template can capture the unique details that the physician is accustomed to and trained to deliver when dictating narratives. Partial transcription allows the physician to continue dictating these narrative sections of the report, leaving only the patient demographics needing to be typed directly into the EHR.

Oristech provides partial transcription as one of our many services and can deliver the finished transcribed report directly into your EHR system with minimal setup. Thus, you will still be meeting meaningful use requirements, but in the manner you are familiar with, ensuring that all of your intended comments and observations are documented.

With all of the changes in medical documentation, Oristech would like to explain how we can be of service to you within your EHR system.

At first glance, it would appear EHRs allow physicians to forgo any dictation and transcription, but after talking to physicians who have already started using EHRs, there is a growing dissatisfaction concerning loss of productivity and connection with their patients.

​So how can you avoid these losses in productivity and patient satisfaction? Utilize a transcription service, even if only for "partial transcription".

With Oristech, you do not have to sacrifice turnaround time to ensure accuracy.