Medical Record Preparation

If your business is administering medical record peer reviews or medical evaluations, you know all too well that medical record preparation is a time consuming process. For your reviewing physicians, pouring over vast archives of documents to identify a piece of relevant information is one of their most tedious processes.

Oristech can help! Our medical record support services include electronic indexing of the case file as well as summarizing the relevant information into a concise document (which can be placed on a report template of your choice), allowing your physicians to make informed and timely decisions.

The Oristech Advantage! By providing organized records and a detailed and more complete summary to your reviewing physicians, they in turn will complete their reviews in less time, potentially lowering their fees to you, and enabling a faster turnaround to your customer.

Oristech offers medical record preparation for many Worker’s Compensation and commercial insurance lines of business, including:

  • Designated Doctor (DD)
  • Utilization Review
  • Legal
  • Auto/Liability
  • Group Health
  • Disability
  • Peer Review
  • Independent Medical Exam (IME)


Oristech’s medical record sorting and bookmarking services organize documents in the manner and order specified by our clients. We can sort in chronological or reverse order, and bookmark by any category requested. Our services are fully customizable. Bookmarking allows you to quickly find and open the exact page you are looking for in order to make informed and timely decisions. No more wasting time shuffling through stacks of paper files.

With each sorting and bookmarking assignment, you will receive a .pdf file of the electronically sorted documents in any order, categorized with clickable bookmarks as per our client's requirements. Our standard turnaround time for each case is also customizable to each client's needs.


Oristech's summarization service provides an easy and simplified summary of the medical records for physician reviewers, claims adjusters or UR companies.

Our summarizers review the medical records provided, the reviewer's specialty, the reviewer's questions, and tailor a narrative summary to the requirements of the client in a template of their choice.

These summaries capture and highlight medical information that is critical to the case, helping to identify the case’s strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to summarizing the relevant medical records, Oristech also offers the option of listing the medical records for each case in a template of their choice, and selecting the appropriate national and state guidelines (ACOEM, MTUS, ODG, Milliman, etc.) for the treatment(s) in question.

Sample Summarization Assignment:

Full samples are available upon request.


Oristech is renowned in the industry for our ability to customize our product, pricing, and turnaround times to fit your company's requirements. Oristech is URAC certified. Please contact us today to learn more!