What hardware and software do I need to use your service:

Can I customize my report format:

What is your turnaround time:

How is a line measured and what is the cost per line?

My transcription company does not bill on character line, how can I compare my current pricing to Oristech, Inc. rates:

How will I be billed for your services?

How do you insure the quality of your reports?

What is the experience and training of your staff?

What licensure/certifications are held by your staff?

Is your system HIPAA compliant?

Are you HL7 Compliant?

What servers or operating systems are necessary?

What type of digital voice file formats are acceptable?

How would your system interface with an electronic medical record?

What methodology is used to verify accuracy and integrity of line count?

What reporting capabilities does your system have?

How does your company ensure compliance with turnaround time?

What is the cost for connectivity to the current system?

What is the cost for interfacing?

What are the costs for software (license fee)?